Core Values

All of Imagine’s products are created and defined according to the three core values set by the founders of the company when it was formed

Superior Quality

All of Imagine's content is of the highest quality, and our printed products boast superior paper and cover quality, unrivalled and intelligent writing and world-class design. We never compromise the quality of our products, critical opinion or advice.

Technology Focus

Every Imagine magazine, bookazine and digital product is primarily aimed at the same core readership of technologically literate 24-35 year old males. Sophisticated and affluent readers want specialist technology magazines to deliver a high level of quality and intelligence, and Imagine is focused on delivering this key information to the audience.

Innovative and Inspiring

Imagine’s senior creative team have a proven track record in innovation, and its magazines, bookazines and digital offerings continually push the boundaries of packaging, editorial ideas, format and design.