• Shoot, edit and share

    Photography For Beginners is the premium magazine and bookazine series for learning the basics of digital photography and getting better results

  • Teaching better photography

    Photography For Beginners is the perfect way to learn about the basics of digital photography, how to take better photos, and how to share them with friends and family

  • A new generation of photographers

    Photography For Beginners content embraces the new generation of photographers who use cameraphones, compacts and iPads to capture their cherished moments

Photography For Beginners

Photography is changing. We now create and share our photos in new and exciting ways, and Photography For Beginners is designed for these creative photographers. Embracing new technologies like the iPad, iPhone, social networking websites and Photoshop, Photography For Beginners is aimed at a new generation of photographers who want to shoot, edit and share on the go. From 5-minute shooting projects to easy-to-follow Photoshop workshops, Photography for Beginners provides inspiration, no matter what you want to shoot.

Brand values

  • Engaging and relevant content for new and active consumers
  • Driven by a community that loves to share
  • Created for photographers, by photographers

The Photography For Beginners audience

Tech savy photographers

Tech savy photographers

A new type of audience is embracing a new type of technology. Photography for Beginners embraces this iPad-savvy group, engaging them with consumer advice and unsurpassed practical tutorials.

Networking novices

Networking novices

Photography for Beginners appeals to active users of social networking websites who are constantly using online galleries to share their images. Connectivity and community is important to them, so it’s important to Photography for Beginners.

New photographers

New photographers

Dedicated to new photographers, the Photography for Beginners brand attracts an audience determined to learn new skills, improve their technique and learn about the best kit to buy. Simply, Photography for Beginners is for beginners.

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