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Tuesday 19th June 2012

Imagine launches All About Space print and digital magazine

The makers of How It Works launch a new space magazine in the growing knowledge sector

Launching on 28 June, All About Space is an exciting new magazine that explores and explains the wonders of the universe and is set to expand Imagine Publishing’s already strong presence in the knowledge/science magazine market.

Packed with mind-blowing photography and full-colour illustrations, every issue of All About Space will take readers on an awe-inspiring journey through our Solar System and beyond. From the amazing technology and spacecraft that enables humanity to venture into orbit to the unfathomable phenomena of deep space science. All About Space is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this exploding and lucrative market with its accessible mix of photography, features and articles that will entertain and educate in equal amounts.

Editor in Chief Dave Harfield commented: “There’s no doubt that we’re launching a unique and exciting product in All About Space. There’s no other magazine on the market that offers such a broad variety of fascinating and accessible information about the subject matter and I’m certain that it will enjoy the same success among a knowledge-hungry audience as its predecessor How It Works.”

Head of Sales Hang Deretz added: “I’m excited with the launch of All About Space. It represents an extension of our presence in the knowledge/science arena and offers a unique approach to the space sector, offering advertisers an opportunity to engage with an often difficult to reach audience of affluent and intelligent early adopters and parents.”

“We didn’t just want to make a magazine about space, we wanted to read one” said Aaron Asadi, Head Of Publishing. “But there was nothing on the newsstand that made us excited, nothing that matched that eye-widening wonder everybody experiences when they look up at the stars. So we created something pretty special, something that will hopefully help inspire a generation to fall in love with the universe in the way that we have, something that will create a worldwide community like no other. We created All About Space, and it doesn’t get any bigger than this.”

Issue one of All About Space goes on sale on 28 June, offering fascinating, insightful and inspirational features such as; the world’s biggest rocket, the new race to the Moon, nebula, next-generation space planes, planets made of diamonds, the Sun, solar sails and meteorite hunters.

The launch of the magazine is supported by a significant newstrade retail promotional campaign, social networking activity, and an awareness campaign across the entire Imagine print, digital and online portfolio, including a targeted mailshot of over 480,000 emails. The new magazine also has a companion website at

All About Space magazine will be available at all good newsagents, travel points, supermarkets and to buy online at the ImagineShop. The digital editions for Zinio and Apple Newsstand can be downloaded from the popular

Imagine Publishing is one of the UK’s fastest-growing multimedia content producers. Formed in May 2005, Imagine now publishes 20 regular print magazines, 50 digital apps, 25 websites and thousands of articles every month in the technology, videogames, photography and knowledge/science markets. An Imagine magazine is purchased every ten seconds.

Name: All About Space


Twitter: @spaceanswers

Facebook: /allaboutspacemagazine

Price: £3.99

agination: 100 pages

Launch: 28 June 2012

Frequency: 13 issues pa

Print run: 40,000

ISSN: 2050-0548

Imagine Publishing
01202 586200