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Friday 15th June 2012

New website reveals the secrets of the universe

Imagine Publishing launches its latest ground-breaking website, the online companion to the upcoming magazine All About Space provides a complete online knowledge base for anyone with an interest in our universe and space exploration, from its inception with the Big Bang to the latest flight of Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic spacecraft.

The website itself was built using the latest technology, refining the template that made its debut with highly successful relaunch of The distinctive ‘masonry’ design creates an attractive wall of content that actually rebuilds itself before your eyes when the screen size is adjusted. This responsive layout makes it ideal for the increasing variety of readers using phones and tablets as well as computers who will see the website present itself in the optimal way for their device.

Social networking functionality has been hard-wired into the platform, with every article, image, illustration and video given a unique sharable fingerprint with Facebook’s fast-growing Open Graph API protocol. The Facebook page and Twitter feeds are also woven into the website with real-time alerts, updates and recommendations feeding into every page.

“Our aim was to create a website that’s as streamlined, polished and high-tech as the latest spacecraft,” said Mat Toor, Head of Digital. “But this isn’t technology for technology’s sake – it’s there to present this fascinating content in an enjoyable and effortless way. That also happens to be pretty cool.” is the latest release from Imagine Publishing’s in-house Digital department. “The guys have really outdone themselves and put together a best-of-class website ahead of schedule and beyond the original specification,” said Toor. “NASA couldn’t have done it better.”

Imagine Publishing is one of the UK’s fastest-growing multimedia content producers. Formed in May 2005, Imagine now publishes 20 regular print magazines, 50 digital apps, 25 websites and thousands of articles every month in the technology, videogames, photography and knowledge/science markets. An Imagine magazine is purchased every ten seconds.

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