Advertising Specifications

Imagine Publishing offers many creative digital advertising opportunities across the portfolio of Web sites. Please browse the information available in this section to find out more about what options you have if you wish to advertise online. If you don't find what you are looking for or require further assistance please contact our Advertising Department.

Ad Unit Sizes & Formats

The table below shows the variety of ad campaign options you have across our sites. Each placement has width and height dimensions associated with it as well as file types that can be used. Please click on a placement below for more information.

Billboard BB 970x250 SWF, Gif, JPEG, PNG YES
Super Leaderboard SLB 970x90 SWF, Gif, JPEG, PNG YES
Leaderboard LB 728x90 SWF, Gif, JPEG, PNG YES
Mobile Leaderboard MLB 320x50 Gif, JPEG, PNG YES
Half Page HPU 300x600 SWF, Gif, JPEG, PNG YES
3:1 Rectangle FLAG 300x100 SWF, Gif, JPEG, PNG YES
Skin SKIN See Templates SWF, Gif, JPEG, PNG YES

Available Ad Space

The table lists all of Imagine Publishing's commercial Web sites along with the variety of ad campaign options you have across those sites. Click on a particular placement size in the table (represented by the blue bars) for more information on that size or click on a website name to visit that site and see live campaigns.


Booking a Campaign

When booking a campaign online you must follow these guidelines:

Campaign Information
  1. Provide a Click URL

    This is the link that the ad campaign takes the user to once they have clicked on the advert

  2. Supply creative 5 working days in advance

    If the artwork for a campaign is delivered with less than 5 working days before the campaign is due to start, Imagine will make every effort to get the campaign live on time but can take no responsibility for a delay in a campaign beginning.

  3. Correct creative

    Please ensure all creatives are supplied in the correct format and size according to what you have booked. Imagine will not amend any artwork that has been supplied.

  4. Disclaimer

    Imagine Publishing reserve the right to place any campaign appearing on an Imagine site on hold.

Flash Creative
  1. Export SWF files as Flash version 10 or lower

    Our ad server DFP currrently only supports Flash versions 10 and lower so please make sure to check your settings when publishing SWF files from Flash

  2. Flash SWF campaigns must have a Click Tag added

    A 'Click Tag' must be embedded in all Flash creatives to enable us to track the statistics of your campaign.

    If you are using ActionScript 2 then the following code must be programmed to a button within the Flash file:

    on (release) {
    getURL (clickTAG, "_blank");

    If you are using ActionScript 3 then the following code must be programmed to a Frame within the Timeline of an Actions Layer and the button must be given the Instance Name 'hidden_button':

    MouseEvent.CLICK, function():void { if (root.loaderInfo.parameters.clickTAG.substr(0,5)=="http:") { navigateToURL( new URLRequest(root.loaderInfo.parameters.clickTAG), "_blank" ); } } );
  3. Back up creative for Flash SWF campaign

    If you are running a Flash campaign, we advise that you supply a .gif or .jpg artwork file as a back-up for you campaign. The our ad server will replace the Flash file with one of these other file types if the end user does not have the Flash Player installed or is viewing from a device which does not support Flash. If these back-up files are not provided Imagine can have no responsibility for the campaign not appearing to certain users or for the under-delivery of impressions.

  4. 15 Second limit on Flash animations

    Flash Animations should be no more than 15 seconds and rendered out at no more than 24 FPS (Frames Per Second)

Rich Media
  1. 3rd Party Ad Tags

    Rich Media creative must be supplied in tag form from a Google approved Rich Media vendor and comply with the IAB Display Advertising Guidelines.

Site Background Skins
  1. Skin Templates

    Please work from the available templates when designing a site skin. The templates are available as Photoshop documents (PSD files) to download.

    Click here to view the list of available site skin templates...

  2. Guidelines

    Please keep your design within the grey "Max Image Area". The image area must blend into a solid background colour (black has been used on the templates).

    Our site skin templates include a light and dark version of the site logo, please use which version works best with your background design and we will make sure that version of the logo is displayed on the site when the background is live.

    Please make sure that all important information displayed on the skin (text, logos etc.) is viewable for your preferred screen resolution. Screen resolution guidelines have been included on the template for some of the most common resolutions.

  3. Supply PSD File

    Please supply your final site skin design as a layered PSD file and NOT just in JPG format. Imagine Publishing will optimise the skin for the website.